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About Apestronauts & Watermelon Sauce

How to Play

Enter a name, join the game, and throw bananas to hit other player. Make sure to move out of the way for incoming bananas. They're quite explosive.


Aim with your mouse

Walk Counter-Clockwise
Walk Clockwise
Hold to Power-Up
Release to Fire


This game was created by team Watermelon Sauce for the 2011 Node.js Knockout competition. 48 hours to make something awesome in Node. So we made a game where you are a space ape and you can throw bananas into orbit and have them come back and explode on the planet.

About Us

Watermelon Sauce is a collaboration of three experienced web professionals, Paul Armstrong, Zachary Johnson, and Jesse Mullan. We bring a new level of attention to web design, user experience, and application development that includes a suite of complementary skills. Our enthusiasm about the web as medium and web development as a skilled craft will show in your project.